Monday, April 21, 2008


Heard it trough the grapevine:

OBIEE will be released within 48 hours.

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04/24/2008 07:20 -> The rumors seem to be wrong, still no release of

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

OBIEE View Selector, forcing a selection.

If you have a dashboard with a view selector by default OBIEE will executed the first request from the selector when a dashboard page becomes "active". Especially if have several "heavy" request will this really slow down your dashboard and irriate the hell out of your users.

A tip is:
Add an extra title view to your report and give this the title "make a selection"
Add this extra title view to your view selector and rename it "make a selection". Be sure it's on top of the list.
This way the dashboard is forced to wait on the selection of the user:

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OBIEE "Combined with Similar Request" and filterview

If you use the "Combine with Similar Request"

method in OBIEE, for instance in the case of making a "DateTime" aware graph ( or you will loose the filterview.
This is caused because the filterview only looks at the outer query of the UNION ALL statement:

This logically leads to "Request contains no filters
I have developed a workaround for this problem:
Open a new request with a dummy column:

The CASE when 1=0 statement prevent executing from the query so it won't use any resources.
On this request put all your "prompt"columns in the filter and set them on "is prompted"or use "named prompts" { } .
Be sure to also incoperate your "hard coded" filters!
Add the filterview to your compound layout and remove all other views:

Save your request as "Filterview" Add the request to your dashboard and now you have the content off your filter on your dashboard.

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