Thursday, May 28, 2009

OBIEE Background colour prompt

One way of identifying prompts which are connected is by setting the background colour



You can find it in the left top corner of the prompt editor:



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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OBIEE views.css color cheat sheet

a small cheat sheet on the default colors used in OBIEE in the views.css:

OBIEE s(k)_Oracle10 Colorscheme :

Color: Hex of color
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Monday, May 25, 2009

OBI Forum live de tweede editie

Het is weer zover: woensdag 3 juni 2009 is er de tweede versie van OBI forum live : .

Naast Daan Bakboord (Scamander), Nicolas Gerard (New Frontiers) , twee van Nederland’s bekendste en beste (b)loggers op dit vlak, hebben ditmaal ook en Emiel van Bockel (Centraal Boekhuis) en Gerard Braat (Oracle)hun medewerking toegezegd.

En als klap op de vuurpijl is het ons gelukt de oervader van de OBI blogs, Mark Rittman, als keynote-spreker te krijgen.

Op 3 juni a.s. heeft u de mogelijkheid om deze belangrijkste spelers ‘persoonlijk’ te ontmoeten en met ze te sparren! Meld u nu aan en mis de 2e editie van het forum niet. .

tot de volgende keer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OBIEE Cache File Name revealed

Interesting if you have a global cache directory:


  • NQS_
    • General Prefix
    • Originating Server Name
  • 733547
    • Days passed since 1-1-0000
  • 40458
    • Seconds passed since last midnight
  • 00000006
    • Incremental number since last BI server start:

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brighton 2009

Daddy spoke at Brighton's biggest BI event 2009, and all he got.....


Besides lovely T-shirts an awfully lot of good presentations, new info and real indept discussions!

Presentations on Thursday may 14th:

Craig Stewart:

Craig showed us how to tune / customize the Oracle Data Integrator to your own needs.

Edward Roske:

Edward is the godfather of Essbase. He gave us some got workings on the Essbase internals, Sparse en Dense Blocks. Wen to use block storage and wen to use aggregate storage's. Check out his blog at:

Mark Rittman:

Leave it up to Mark to educate us how on some basic concepts on the database like compression, partioning and materialized views can save us storage space and processing time!

John Minkjan:

My own story on OBIEE cache management, my basic conclusion is still don't use it, try to bring it to the DB!

Venkat Janakiraman:

Writer of on the most influential OBIEE blogs, this guy eats and breaths OBI and Essbase. He gave a good presentation how with simple means the security between OBIEE and Essbase can be kept in sync.

Adam Bloom:

Some good info on how setting the loglevel to 5 can help identifying which processes run amok in the BI-server.

Andreas Nobbmann:

UDML is getting more and more important as an exchange mechanism between the BI-server and the outside world. Andreas showed us how to use the different tools for manipulating UDML

A very good meal at Due South:

This place is really on it's way to earn a Michelin star. If your in Brighton give it a try:

Presentations on Friday May 15th:

Mike Durran:

Mike give us a live glance at the new stuff in OBIEE 11G. The new graphs look very impressive. (Stephen Few would turn in his grave if he was dead......). We tried to pressure him on a release date, but he wouldn't give in :-(

Emiel van Bockel:

Emiel gave us the story from the architect point. He proved that you don't always need a star schema. Especially with OBIEE it's possible to use other modelling technique. Emiel showed us also that storing history doesn't always have to be SCD2.

Maarten-Jan Kampen:

Filling in for Daan Bakboord Maarten-Jan showed us how you can use Oracle mapviewer integrated with OBIEE

Adrian Ward:

Adrian gave us some good tips on how to set up OBIEE in an international environment.

Antony Heljula:

He is the guy you should speak to if you want to integrate SOA with OBIEE. Antony showed us that SOA is as hard as we think and can be made operational within the hour.

Peter Brink:

Cube Organized views in the Oracle DB are relatively new and therefore unknown. Still you should check them out if your not ready to go to Essbase (yet).

All in all a successful event and certainly one I will go to next time. Lot's of indept discussions with some of the Oracle BI frontrunner's.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This one from Tim (the Bip master) really saved my day:

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OBIEE "Greenbar" Customization

Green bar reporting is alternating the row background colour every odd and even row:


You can switch this on the report view:



The colour of the "Even" row is control by views.css:

" TABLE.ResultsTable TD.ECell"


The colour of the "Odd" rows is controlled by the default background-colour of the table:


But chancing this will also change the "normal" background-color of the cell.

You can avoid this by adding a extra "TABLE.ResultsTable TD.OCell" just below the TD.ECell in the views.ccs:


That way you can use both styles without them influencing each other:


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OBIEE Bubble chart

First of all from a visual design stand point they are horible! Why? You are comparing 5 sources of data on a 2D surface. Most people already have problems interpreting a 3D graph. Anyway let's give it a try:

Let's start with a basic report:



It gives two dimensions (Brand & Market), two measures (Revenue and Revenue Yago), there comparision (Revenue Yago / Revenu)

The OBIEE buble chat has 5 elements:


image : X-axis

image : Y-axis

image : Dimension 1

image : Dimension 2 (optional)

image : Comparison value

This would give us:


Resulting in this chart:


On a personal note I find this a horrible chart....

If your really need this much info at once try splitting it into two graphs:



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