OBIEE 10G the Farewell Competition

Although OBIEE 11G is not yet generally available on the market, and the 10G version will be around for quite some time it's time to prepare for a farewell.

I want to do this with a competition. Why? Because I want to proof the world that OBIEE 11G might be fabulous, you can do a lot of interesting stuff with OBIEE 10G.

How does it work?
Make a new catalog and create a maximum of 5 dashboard pages based on the "extended sales sample" repository, found here:

Any restrictions?
  • It has to fit a 1024 x 768 screen.
  • All CSS / Javascript changes have to be from the dashboard page, not the webserver.
  • You can't use external graph engines (FI: Google Charts or Maps)
  • Everything has to work under the repository Administrator account 
  • It's has to work in both IExplorer and Firefox.
What are we looking for:
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • Used techniques
What do you have to send in?
  • Only the catalog, since we all are using the "Extended Sample Sales" repository. Please give it a unique name fi: OBIEE_COMP_YOUR_NAME
  • Of course your real name and contact info.
  • And a small description of what you have done.

Where do I send it?
Zip it up a mail it to: john dot minkjan at ciber dot nl

What will be the prize?
Of course the glory and the right to put it on your CV. We also will trough in a goodie bag.

When does the competition close?
August 30th 2010 00:00 GMT

Who will be the judges?
Of course the best of the best:
  • Mark Rittman - RittmanMead
  • Emiel van Bockel - BiFacts / Centraal Boekhuis
  • Daan Bakboord - Scamander Solutions
  • Christian Berg - Independant Consultant
  • John Minkjan - Ciber
Can we have any correspondence on the result?
Of course not! ;-)

And yes, we do keep the right to change the rules along the way!