Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OBIEE Referencing Presentation Variables in Filters

How do you reference a presentation variable in your filter:

Press the filter sign of the column




Press Add > Variable > Presentation


Enter the varaible name and default value



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Anonymous said...

oh....please explain me how does this business intelligence works..i have to recommend the implementation of it to allianz in Romania, for my final papper...please help .. hot_chokolate_2003@yahoo.com !please

John Minkjan said...


Not really sure what you are looking for. If you want to hire me please contact the ciber office in the Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to reference a presentation variable in another column in the same prompt? Say I have a prompt with two columns: Fiscal Year & Month.

The Fiscal Year is Set as a Presentation Variable called "FY".

For the Month I would like to use a SQL Results statement in the "Show" column for the Month which limits the Months shown to only those within the selected Fiscal Year.

SELECT Time."Month" FROM "Sales - Order Process" WHERE Time."Fiscal Year" = //value of the presentation variable fiscal year

Is this possible? And what would I write to get the value of the presentation variable FY?


John Minkjan said...


Better to use a repository (session) variable instead.



vipin said...

I have one report requirement which contain one dashboard prompt on Year. this is my presentation variable.
Based on this i want to pull the sales volume of selected year and its previous year.
Ex- if user select year=2009 the in Sales Volume of Current year(2009) and in another column i want Sales Volume of 2008

salam sabha said...

hi ,
i want to ask if i can use presentation variable on dashboard contain two reports.
the parameter read 2012 the first report show 2012 data and the other one show 2011 "same thing" to help the manager to compare the data between two years.

diwakar b said...

Hi John ..

can i make pass a output value of presentation variable as input to another Prompt ..

eg --

i have two table EMP ,DEPT

I have a dashboard contains two prompts ..

From EMP Table -DEPTNO IS prompted
From DEPT Table-DEPTNO is prompted ..
when ever i select deptno from dept table it should be reflected in emp deptno prompt .how can i achieve this ..

Thanks ..
sai kumar

Anonymous said...


Do you have an example of using a presentation variable in KPI?

I am having problems with this..