Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ok this has nothing to do with OBIEE but is just nice to solve during a coffee break: Which number follows next for this sequence: 16, 33, 45 ?

I will post this answer in a couple of days.

Till Next Time

Update 20110418:

And the answer is 78! (They are vinyl record speeds see:

So the winner is Jeff Kemp!


பொன்.பாரதிராஜா said...


Anonymous said...

78 :)

@lex said...


stijngabriels said...


Niall said...

Nice quiz. In the UK (or at least in our house :) ) the second in your series would *always* have been referred to as 33 1/3rd. It was the 16 that threw me though.

Mike said...

Musically (phonographically?) it would be 78. Mathematically it would be 52.