Sunday, October 9, 2011

OBIEE11g Golden Rules: RPD-Presentation Layer

First of al the original inspiration for these “Golden Rules” Series are based on the “20 GOLDEN RULES FOR REPOSITORY DESIGN” from the people at Peak Indicators. Kudos to them.

The series contains:

The “rules” is this article are somewhat in random order

This is always a “work in progress” and please feel free to make any suggestions!

Presentation Layer

- Common dimension

When you have multiple Subject Areas, list the common dimensions in the same order  across all the Subject Areas


- Time dimension first:

Since the time/calendar dimension is often the main aggregator make it the first in your presentation layer list.

- No prefixes:

Presentation Table names within each Subject Area must not begin with “Dim – “ or “Fact –“ or “Fact Compound –“. So remove these prefixes if they are present after creating the Subject Area by dragging Logical Tables directly from the Business Model.

- Identify your facts:

The Presentation Table containing your facts should be listed right at the bottom, and the Presentation Table name should contain words like “Measures” or “Facts”


- Ensure logical relationship:

There should be absolutely no possibility whatsoever of a user selecting objects from a Subject Area that have no logical relationship. So, if there are any objects within the same Subject Area that cannot co-exist in the same report, then your Subject Area design is incorrect!

- Split over multiple subject area:

Within OBIEE11g report can be build using multiple presentation layers based on the same business layer:

image Consider splitting your presentation layer in “sub” areas.

- Dimension Column Order:

Try to have the column in the same order as your hierarchy: Year > Quarter > Month > Week > Date or Business Line > Brand > Product

- Special characters:

Special HTML characters {< > / } should be avoided in the object names. Not ever browser can render them correctly.

- Metadata dictionary

Have a well maintained metadata dictionary in place:


Remember in OBIEE11G you have to redeploy the metadata dictionary after each RPD deployment

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Bojie said...

Excellent, very insightful!

Marjorie said...

I am trying to use a new fact table in a subject area. I can see the fact table name but the columns don't show up. There is a blinking cirle where the + sign was. This isn't a permissions problem. Please help.