Friday, February 29, 2008

OBIEE Optimizing NQQuery.log for debugging

When building and debugging OBIEE repository’s and reports you will often go back to the NQQuery.log. Depending on the security setting of the user the actual query send to the database will be logged here.

Because the log can grow very quickly over time it often means having to scroll to the end of the log to find the information needed.

By default the maximum size for the NQQuery.log is 10MB. This setting is found in the NQSConfig.ini under USER_LOG_FILE_SIZE:

If the log goes beyond this size OBIEE will rename it as “NQQuery.log.old” after it has finished the last request.

In a development environment you might consider setting this value to 50KB (or even as low as 10KB).
That way the log only contains the very last actions you are interested in.
Be aware that if the new log goes beyond the USER_LOG_FILE_SIZE the old “NQQuery.log.old” will be overwritten.

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Anonymous said...

Good article

Anonymous said...

How do I actually TURN ON nqquery.log file to log an SQL statement being issues?