Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OBIEE Adding session variables to the report title / using a narrative view

A lot of times we find in the request for reports "please put the value of the used report variables in the title".
But when you try that you quickly run into trouble. By default you are confined to only the predefined ones:

From the OBIEE documentation:
To show your own defined variables (repository/session/presentation) in OBIEE you have to use the narrative view.
First you have to add the variable(s) to your query:

Then alter the column properties, set the column hide property.

Next open a Narrative view, set your descriptive text, the variables are referenced by there a @ and there column number (in this case 2)

Set the rows to display to 1

Reorganize your compound lay-out so that your narrative view is directly below your title

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Sometimes you stand corrected see:


Poornima said...

thanks..It is really helped me to solve my problem

Poornima Peiris said...

Can u pls help me to solve following scenario.

How do I get columns in a table in to rows in Oracle BI Answers?

ID Name Age Address
Xx xx xx xx
Xx xx xx xx
Xx xx xx xx
Xx xx xx xx

I want this for one particular name or ID (Ex: I mean after filtering)

Name xx
Age xx
Address xx

John Minkjan said...

Did you try a narritive view with line breaks

poornima peiris said...

As u said I tried it…but I need results with column headings.
In a narrator I call values as following.
@1[br/] @2[br/] @3[br/] @4[br/]

It showed only the value

But I need this like following

Name xxxx
Age xxxx
Address xxxx
Telephone xxxx

John Minkjan said...

Can't you simple type the header in front of the the values:
ID: @1[br/] Name: @2[br/] Age: @3[br/] Adress: @4[br/]

poornima peiris said...

I know that it will give answer. But I try to get the column names automatically without typing one by one. Anyway thank you very much. For the moment I can manage it as u said.

Brandi said...

I need to show prompt values in my report title or in a narrative view. I can do this with a Presentation Variable if I have only one value. But I am trying to show a date range and can't get it to work. For example user runs report 1/1/08 to 3/31/08. I need to show those values in the header. Any suggestions?

John Minkjan said...

You could split your prompts into two (dateFrom and dateUntil). That way you have two presentationvariables to show in your narritve view.

Anonymous said...

I have tried that but since it is the same field it isn't working

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I have a report in which iam using Minus operator and so I can't add Year or Month fields to be used in narrative. Is there a way to display Last Month of current Year in Narrative without having it in fields selected.

Swagath said...

The following text can be used in a static text or a narrative view without adding the column in the reports.

THE VALUE OF THE SESSION VARIABLE IS @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.variablename' ]}

Mindaugas said...


Farooq said...

How can we set the master detail link in narrative view?

Mohmmad Farooq