Saturday, September 13, 2008

OBIEE Title View

In one of my earlier enrties: I told that you are restricted in the in the usage of variables of in Title views.
On searching the net I found this document: which triggered me to revisit the subject.
It seems that using the biServer.variables prefix gives you a far more control, allowing you to use all your repository and sessions variables.


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Jason Drucker said...

Hello -

I am currently using a column filter prompt in a report, but the users have asked that the values entered in the prompt be included at the top of the report.

The first method I tried to fix this issue is to add the filter view into the compound layout. The problem with this method is that the filter view shows all filters, not just the prompted ones. This shares too much information.

Next, I tried to use variables to capture the value and add to the title or narrative. However, I can't seem to find how to pull the user-entered value from a column filter prompt to a variable for use in the report.

Is there any way to capture this value as a variable? I know you can use presentation variables, but the users are looking for a criteria filter that is prompted before the report is seen.

Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!


John Minkjan said...

Hi Jason,

I'm not really sure what you are looking for, normally I catch userprompts in a presentation variable and use that in my reports.


Marco said...


Did anybody ever figure out the answer to Jasons question?

I'm facing the same issue (users wanting to know which filter values were applied), and haven't found a suitable solution yet.

Many thanks,

John Minkjan said...


You can't seperate the prompted filters from the non prompted ones. Try catching the entry in a variable and present that one.



Alex Julien said...

Same here! And since I am not using a dashboard filter but a click-to-navigate to add to the filter, I can't set a variable using the dashboard filter. Any thoughts?

A walk-around I'm trying is to add a new Dynamic Table for the respective Answer. This Dynamic Table features the filtered column at the "Sections" part. This, playing a little with the styles, and 3 feet of duct tape seem to be better than nothing at all so far.

Tim Vlamis said...

I know this is an older post, but thought I would offer an easy solution for those who encounter this in the future.

Add a narrative view that cites the value of the filtered column. This narrative view can be added above a table, chart, or other view.

Anonymous said...

I figured out a workaround.

Make a Narative view. Limit it to 1 row. In the Narrative paste in your current title. Then find the column you are interested in putting in the title. Use the @ symbol and the column number to get the column. ie: @1. Place this Narrative view at the top of your compund layout.

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