Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OBIEE PDF controls (.fst files)

One of the heritages of previous Siebel releases are the pdfstyle.fst and the pivot.fst files. These files control partly the your PDF output looks and can be found in ...\s_{skin_name}\b_mozilla_4 .
Most of the time the settings are controlled by your .CSS files or the settings you make in your report. Some setting are still controlled by pdfstyle.fst and the pivot.fst (Like Title and Tapedeck).
It looks like Oracle is trying to transfer these controls to the .CSS files, they already did it with the pivot table and the regular. Still it’s handy to know where to “hack” if you have some strange PDF behavior.

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Wim van den Heuvel said...

When entering HTML tags on a dashboard (e.g. a link target tag like [a name="target"][/a]) these tags are not visible in the Dashboard but they become visible in the PDF.
Is there a trick to get rig of these tags in PDF?
Preferably all prevent output to PDF all togehter. But worst case get the PDF converter to see it as white text on a white background.

John Minkjan said...

Hi Wim,

This is a known bug, I'm not aware of a workaround at this moment. Oracle prommissed to adres this a future release. (They did not say which one......)
As for coloring it white, at the moment there is no CSS style defined for HTML code which you could use. You could try writing your own in CUSTOM.CSS and porting that to the dashboard.

regards John

Sandy said...

How about Charts? It looks like charts on a dashboard make your PDF render really really small. Do you know where to control how much room the CSS gives to your charts? I can't seem to find this anywhere.

John Minkjan said...

Hi Sandy,

Most "fixed" sizes on your dashboard become "relative" when rendering to PDF. If the formating is really importing convert your dashboard to a BI-publisher document which can be "pixel-perfect". Put a link on your dashboard to the BI-publisher document.

Regards John

barzeta said...

Hi, I have a problem, when i try to change the results table header in the pdfstyles.fst and pivot.fst files, i don't see any changes. I changed the color font and background color and not happen nothing. For change the appearance of the PDF file, i must change something more????

Best regards