Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OBIEE Setting a picture as graph backgound

One of our customers wanted a custom background for there graphs, some what in this style :-) :

So that the would end up with a graph looking like this:Step 1: from the corda archives download version 5.1.2: There is a fourteen day free license key, after that you will have to buy the product.

Step 2: With the popchart builder create a new graph using the wizard, any graph will do.

Press the add image button:In the PCXML file locate the {ChartBitmap part:

Copy and paste into the PCXML file of your OBIEE graph. between the {project} tags.

Add the following reference to make the graph visible:

Playaround with zindex, if the image isn't fully on the background.

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ebola said...

So how can it do with corda-7.

John Minkjan said...


No idea, OBIEE uses CORDA 5.1, in the next release it will be chuked overboard.



Bharathidhasan said...

i am a beginner to Obiee, and i am trying to implement images in obiee but i dont know about PCXML file.And where it is in obiee......
anyone can help me to find PCXML in obiee