Sunday, September 28, 2008

OBIEE Portal customization part 1 "the portalbanner"

After customizing the log on log off screen ( it's time to customise the portal:


Appearance: Browser {title} {/title}, content: ProductMessages.xml => kmsgProductPortal


Appearance: portalbanner.css => .Headline, content: background-image: url(bg_banner.jpg);


Appearance: portalbanner.css => .PortalLinks, .PortalLink:link, .PortalLink:visited, .PortalLink:hover , content: Portalnames.


Appearance: portalbanner.css => .PortalName

Welcome text:
Appearance: portalbanner.css => .WelcomeTextCell, Content: uimessages.xml => kmsgUIWelcome

Dashboard actions:

Appereance: portalbanner.css => .DashBarIconCell, .DashBarAlertCell, .DashBarProductCell, .DashBarActiveProductCell, .DashBarActionCell, Content: uimessages.xml => kmsgUIPortal, kmsgUIAnswers, kmsgUIProductsLink, kmsgUISettings, kmsgUILogoff

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This article was original written for the Ciber Knowledge Blog:


OBIEE Blog said...

John, Thank you for the excellent OBIEE articles and tutorials. The customization and skinning posts are excellent, since OBIEE web folder structure is somewhat confusing. Please keep your good work up! I'm also wondering where you draw inspiration for your posts.
Andriy Yakushyn

John Minkjan said...



grüner tee said...

Customization of any product interface can be the difference between just meeting your client’s expectations and exceeding them. Working with OBIEE is no different.

usha said...

Hi John,
Thank you for all the OBIEE how-tos with screenshots, they are very helpful.
when we scroll mouse-over images, for example, the bg_banner.gif image on Presentation services dashboard, how to get the text description of that image? meaning we need to add < example src="image.gif alt="some text">. But I do not know which file is controlling the images. Can you please help?
Thank you,

John Minkjan said...


You can't! CSS is there for estetics, not for the tranfer of information. See:


Usha said...

Hi John,
when I look at the page source(i.e saw.html), it has code < img border="0" src="res/s_oracle10/portal/portallogo.gif" class="PortalLogoImage"/ >. Alt text can be added to this line,but which file has this information?

John Minkjan said...

Hi Usha,

this is controlled from the dashboardtemplates.xml file in th MSGDB. Only edit a customMessages, else you run into the risk of really f*^4 up the system. see:



Usha said...

Hi John,

It worked!!!
Thank you for your help!!!.


Emanuele said...

I have to change the dashboard layout for only one page. How can do that?
I try to use a javascript code to load a new css file but this solution fails :-(

Brian said...

Hi John, I love your OBIEE tutorials. I have a question for you about the banner in OBIEE.

I have created a search functionality that consists of a text box and a submit button using HTML/js. Is there a way for me to incorporate this in the banner or at the top of the page instead of embedding it in each dashboard?