Monday, September 1, 2008

OBIEE OpenOffice

OpenOffice is getting more and more popular, especially with (non)-governmental organizations for the simple fact that there are no license fees.
Oracle has told that OpenOffice isn’t on the current roadmap / support list of OBIEE.

When using OpenOffice 0ne of the problems is that the default download to EXCEL is mime based which isn’t regonised by the OpenOffice Calc import engine.
I’m not sure if this is an OBIEE or an OpenOffice issue. But here is a workaround. (Actually is just downloading it in the Excel2000 format). In the customMessage folder of your language make a new viewmessages.xml with entries for “kmsgEVCDownloadExcel2000Tip” and “kmsgEVCLinkDownloadExcel2000”
Now try the Link:

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Stijn said...

The "Download to Excel" option will generate an Excel file which is in MHTML format. This format is supported by MS Office 2002 and above.
MS Office 2000 and older doesn't support MHTML format and it seems that OpenOffice doesn't support this format neither.


Siva Pratap said...


We have done whatever you have posted. It is not working. Where are we saying OBIEE to download into the actual Open Office Calc format? Please reply.


John Minkjan said...


I don't understand your question, can you elaborate?