Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OBIEE TimeLine graph Line settings

In Oracle introduced finally the DTA or Time Line graph. In there haste to release it the forgot the chart properties editor. This means we have to edit the PCXML files ourselfs, to get dotted lines, other colors or the plus symbol.

In the timeline.pcxml file look for the SeriesDefinition tag:

Within this tag you can set the following properties:

{the color of the line; possible colors all web RGB colors}

{the color of the Symbol; possible colors all web RGB colors}

{the color of the FillColor; possible colors all web RGB colors}

{the width of the line in pixels; possible values 'Off','1.0','2.0','3.0','4.0','5.0','6.'0'}

{the style of the line; possible values 'Plain','Dashed', 'Dotted', 'DashDot'}

{the symbol at the datapoint; possible values 'Off', 'Dot', 'SmallSquare', 'Square','SquareOutline', 'Circle', 'CircleOutline', 'Triangle', 'TriangleOutline', 'Plus', 'PlusOutline', 'Diamond', 'DiamondOutline'}

{show the area below the line; possible values 'True', 'False'}

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nir said...

It did solve me the issues in version 10, but what is the procedure in 11g?
What is the replacement of the pcxml file?

Kevin C said...

Is it possible to define a custom symbol type (like a gif/jpg) and use in this config file?