Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OBIEE making a custom Log On and Log Off screen

One of the first things a customer see when using OBIEE is the log on screen. So it’s important to make this a customer personal as possible. Most information on the web for this personalization is based on altering the bglogon.jpg.

Besides it possible being a copyright infringement, you run run the risk that you loose al your work on the next system upgrade. The content and appearance of the Log On and Log off screen is based on a couple of files which are highly customable. First of all make your own custom Style and Skin. (If you can’t remember how have a looke here). In the ..\OracleBI\web\app\res\sk_MyCompagny\b_mozilla_4 you will find logon.css which controls the look and feel. In the .LogonTable part you will find a reffence to the background image, you can change this to your own personal image:

(WOW: if you are on OC4J_BI be sure to keep all changes in sync with the files in ..\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res\sk_MyCompagny\b_mozilla_4)

The rest of the screen is diffeded into 6 parts:


Appereance: logon.css => .Headline, content: ProductMessages.xml => kmsgProductGeneral {Info on making your own customMessages can be found here}.


Appereance: logon.css => .InfoText, content: system generated.


Appereance: logon.css => .Subtitle, content: logonmessages.xml => kmsgAuthenticateRemembermyIDandpassword

Logon Credentials

Appereance: logon.css => .PromptTable and .PromptCaption, content: logonmessages.xml => kmsgAuthenticateUser, kmsgAuthenticatePassword, kmsgAuthenticateLogOn

Select a language

Appereance: logon.css => .SAWLogonInput, content: logonmessages.xml => kmsgSelectALanguage (Note: the availble langauges are controlled by the instanceconfig.xml)


Appereace: logon.css => .Footer (font-size is overruled), content:productmessages.xml => kmsgProductGeneral, utilmessages.xml => kmsgNQuireLegalCopyright
Log Off Screen

Background: logon.css => .Logontable "background-image"



Appereance: logon.css => .Headline, content: ProductMessages.xml => kmsgProductGeneral
Appereance: logon.css => .Subtitle, content: logonmessages.xml => kmsgAuthenticateSSOThankYouHaveLoggedOff, kmsgAuthenticateThankYouHaveLoggedOff, kmsgAuthenticateThankYouWereLoggedOffText

Till Next Time

This article was original written for the Ciber Knowledge Blog:


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I am currently exploring OBIEE for our reporting needs when I came across your site. I saw that I might be able to get a lot of information from your site, I hope you don't mind.


John Minkjan said...

Hi Jem,

You are welcome !


Vijay said...

Hi John,

Your site is very useful. I want you explain how guided navigation link is set in dashboards?


John Minkjan said...

Hi Vj,

Have a look here:



Vijay said...

Thanks John for your quick response.

Also I would like to know more techniques on BMM layer. So can you please guide me in providing your earlier posts or from any other source.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I can not get the changes to stick. I have edited the language XML files, saved them, and then stopped and restarted the Oracle BI services and no luck. Still shows the old information.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!


John Minkjan said...

Hi Tom,

Did you also reboot your webserver?

Try clearing the cache of your web-server, it can be quit persistive.



Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I have a requirement to add flash player content in the login Page. So can you tell me how we can add .swf files in the logon.css file.As the req needs to show flash content with a login page table(by side).

Please suggest any method for the same with the reference piece of code(in Which files we should change).

Thanks in advance.


Tonny said...

I want to customise Log On Screen with a Customer Message. I want to replace 'Oracle Business Intelligence' with 'My Company XXXXX BI Initiative' I changed this in kmsgProductGeneral message in ProductMessages.xml from ‘Oracle Business Intelligence’ to (say) this
This has also changed ‘Oracle Business Intelligence′ to ‘'My Company XXXXX BI Initiative′ which is confusing.

Can you please advise?



John Minkjan said...


this logic is controlled from logoncontrolmessages.xml



Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I do all that you said. My Custom messages woks fine but, my image in the logon screen don't appear and I don't Know why. the Background Picture is grey now, and I configured in logon.css another. The tool change the original picture but only appear a grey color in the background. Can you give me a hand?


Lucas R. A.

nir said...

Can you please explain how to modify logoncontrolmessages.xml
for setting\hiding the product number in ‘'My Company XXXXX BI Initiative′?

John Minkjan said...


search the XML for version number.

Erik Wilkins said...

To remove version number from OBIEE logon page, modify file
by replacing the 2nd instance of
<sawm:param insert="2"/>
<!-- <sawm:param insert="2"/> -->
to comment it out.