Sunday, March 9, 2008

OBIEE Downgrading Repository

I wrote a Q&D Command line tool to downgrade an OBIEE repository. You have to run it on the oldest OBIEE-server.
< COBIEEDG {CIBER} Obiee downgrade tool
< No warrantys what so ever!!!!!!!!!
< version 0.0.2
< 09 March 2008
< COBIEEDG Has to run on the oldest OBIEE server!!
-? Show Argument Help
-U User
-P Password
-I Source Repository
-O Output Repository
-N New Repository Number

You can download it here!

Till Next Time


PeterPan said...

I've got "Login failed" when I am trying to open newly generated repository :(

Old password doesn't work...

John Minkjan said...

Hmmm..strange, did you try using an "empty" password?



Michal Novy said...

There is no need to use such a utility any more.
If you want to downgrade repository from to, you can use the out-of-the-box utility ...\oraclebi\orahome\bifoundation\server\bin\nqgenoldverrpd.exe. It is delivered within OBIEE Client Tools