Saturday, April 5, 2008

OBIEE "Combined with Similar Request" and filterview

If you use the "Combine with Similar Request"

method in OBIEE, for instance in the case of making a "DateTime" aware graph ( or you will loose the filterview.
This is caused because the filterview only looks at the outer query of the UNION ALL statement:

This logically leads to "Request contains no filters
I have developed a workaround for this problem:
Open a new request with a dummy column:

The CASE when 1=0 statement prevent executing from the query so it won't use any resources.
On this request put all your "prompt"columns in the filter and set them on "is prompted"or use "named prompts" { } .
Be sure to also incoperate your "hard coded" filters!
Add the filterview to your compound layout and remove all other views:

Save your request as "Filterview" Add the request to your dashboard and now you have the content off your filter on your dashboard.

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Icaro said...

Thank you for sharing the information but I have a similar problem on having used the COMBINED REQUEST but my problem is that there does not preserve the information chosen of a column that has navigation. Already apply the indicated trick but it me does not work and the second request continues showing all the information and not only the chosen one. That I can do??

Forgive the Englishman but I am using a translator

Anonymous said...


Can you please explain what a named prompt is?

Many thanks.

John Minkjan said...

a named prompt is a reference in the the filter to a saved prompt.

Anonymous said...

I believe I am having the same issue as lcaro. I have a request and navigating from a field on that request to a request using the "Combine with Similar Request" functionality. This combined request includes a request from the same mart/subject area as the inital request. When I navigate, of the two requests in the combined request, the only one that preserves the filter/prompt is the one from the same mart/subject area.