Friday, May 23, 2008

OBIEE Changing the line color in a scatter graph with line

In OBIEE they forgot to put in a editor to change the line color for a Scatter with lines graph. It's a known issue on Metalink3. A simple workaround is to edit the PCXML file for this graph type.

You can find it in:


Open the file scatter.pcxml

after the {/legend} tag and before {/graph} tag add the following:

{SeriesDefinition Number='1' Color='#2175BB'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='2' Color='#F4B44D'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='3'
Color='#A4C000'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='4'
Color='#F9F400'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='5'
Color='#82AFDD'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='6'
Color='#000000'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='7'
Color='#C8C8C8'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='8'
Color='#CC6600'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='9'
Color='#CC99CC'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='10'
Color='#EE00EE'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='11'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='12'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='13'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='14'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='15'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='16'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='17'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='18'/} {SeriesDefinition
Number='19'/} {SeriesDefinition Number='20'/}

(Note replace the { and } with correct tag symbols)

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