Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OBIEE Config Tags

Updated the Config Tags file and made (hopefully) better readable: OBIEE 10341 Config Tags

Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

Great stuff John.
Where have you collated these from? And are there any new ones specifically for from

Andrey said...

Hi, can u help me in question of using OR operator in the WHERE clause in Oracle BI?

I am using Oracle BI EE
I construct the simple report in BI Answers on the Accounts presentation layer, and use the following filter clause:

"WHERE (AccountNum BETWEEN '441' and '473') OR (БалСчет1Порядка BETWEEN '501' and '519')"

Then i look in the cursor cache and find the real query which is going to database, and it's "where" clause now is:

"where ( (T45172.BA >= '441' or T45172.BA >= '501') and
(T45172.BA >= '441' or T45172.BA <= '519') and
(T45172.BA >= '501' or T45172.BA <= '473') and
(T45172.BA <= '473' or T45172.BA <= '519') ) "

Why BI create so many expressions instead of the source 2 expressions?
How can i force BI to use the source expressions?

John Minkjan said...


The reason is that the OBIEE SQL is independ off the underlying database. Your DB query optimizer will fix this internally.