Saturday, August 15, 2009

OBIEE Prompts setting a default value to “force” a selection

Sometimes you want to “force” the user to make a selection to prevent heavy traffic between the DB and the BI-server. On trick is to default the prompts to non existing values. For instance for years use 9999:



For the a category:



By default the dashboard will return no rows. It a good custom to set the default “no rows” text:


image `

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Jeff Tam said...

Hi, I am Jeff who is working on OBIEE right now. Do you have any idea if I would
1. force user to select a date range
2. limit them to have max 31 days for the date range.
3. user can multi-select product name but they are allowed to select max 10 products from the list.

Do you have any ideas? since it helps to reduce the heavy traffic !

Thanks ~!