Thursday, September 24, 2009

OBIEE Grand Totals with Calculated Columns (repost)

This is a bit of a specific problem, but I could see it being something that those new to OBIEE could run into. It deals with incorrect Grand Total values being displayed for a Calculated Column when using report filters.
Consider the following report:
In this report, Amount A and Amount B are standard columns in a database table, and Variance is a calculated column in the repository. The calculation for Variance is 100 * (Amount B - Amount A) / Amount A. So, going by the Grand Total amounts in the report above, 100 * (696 - 550) / 550 = 26.55.
Suppose you want to filter the results of this request so that it only shows items having a Variance greater than 30:
Note the Grand Total for Amount A and Amount B are summed correctly for the filter, but the Variance still shows 26.55. Obviously, this is incorrect, so what’s going on here? The filtered amount should be reported as 100 * (220 - 130) / 130 = 69.23.
If you want to show the correct variance for the filtered Grand Total amounts, you need to enable an option in your instanceconfig.xml file. Open the file $OracleBIData/web/config/instanceconfig.xml, and add the following line somewhere inside your <ServerInstance> and </ServerInstance> section:

Make sure you don’t accidentally put this inside an element nested inside <ServerInstance>, or it won’t work.

Save instanceconfig.xml, and restart your BI Server and Presentation service.
Now, the correct amount should be shown for the filtered Grand Total variance:
This was previously a bug in OBIEE that was addressed by adding the ReportAggregateEnabled option. It’s not really documented anywhere other than on Metalink, so hopefully this will be helpful to someone.
This article was original posted on the Kevin C. oraclebi blog. See:
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Anonymous said...

That's great - solved the problem we were having with grand total not equal to the total of the report. Thanks a lot!

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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is the solution that finally realizes the potential that business intelligence has promised for over a decade.

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Thanks for the help!

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Thanks a lot! This solved our problem.