Friday, June 25, 2010

OBIEE you don’t want to see this…..

Have a look a this connection pool to an MSSQL database for max 10 seconds:


Kudos for the first one who can tell where the developer should report first thing tomorrow morning and especially why!

I will post the answer in a couple of days if no one has given any comments until then.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say they should be reporting to the local job center, or if they're very lucky then just to their company's security team for an almighty bollocking - for using the superuser "sa" account, equivalent of SYSDBA on Oracle.

@lex said...

Full support for rnm's answer. Reminds me of logging in as root on Unix or SADMIN on Siebel, etc...

have a nice day


Ivan said...

Using ODBC 3.5 for MSSQL.

Fr@ said...

Require fully qualified table names.