Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OBIEE a new year

First of all best wishes for the new year!

Yes, indeed it has been to long for me to do some serious blogging. Why? well mostly because I was working extremely long hours on a non OBIEE project. Believe it or not there are still some other BI tools around ;-) .

In the past year we finally saw the launch of 11g. Looking around in the market we see that after the first buzz everybody went into a sort of waiting mode. Why? One of the main arguments seems to be the investment needed to convert from 10g to 11g. Not only do you need to invest the time, but on smaller systems new hardware might be required. A other argument seems to be the change in systems management which might require a reshuffle in the IT department.

10g customers are still very satisfied, new customers often go for an out of the box dashboard package for a specific branch or application. I haven’t seen many start from scratch projects with 10g in the last 6 months.

Well my new year resolution is to pick all my blogging activities again..

Till Next Time


Justin Townsend said...

Hi John,

happy new year. Agreed on 11G. For my current client it's a big change to swallow.

Upgrades to existing installations will be slow, greenfield projects, of course great fun for any experienced OBI consultants / developers out there.



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