Monday, May 23, 2011

OBIEE install problems and solutions II

I had to do a install of 11Gr5 on a laptop with windows7 64 bit and ran into a couple of problems. The laptop was/is kind of messed up because I often use it to test and install new version of a product.

Problem OPMNCTL doesn’t start.

Even when everything runs fine after the install it won’t start after a reboot. If you can’t start them from the EM and get message’s like:

  • SEVERE: Element Type: BI_INSTANCE, Element Id: coreapplication, Operation Result: FAILED_TO_….

Go to to <<BI_HOME>>\Oracle_BI1\opmn\bin>



Set the variable:

set ORACLE_INSTANCE=D:\OBI1115\instances\instance_1

Start the OPMNCTL:


Till Next Time

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tobi said...

Hi John,

thanks for the hints. It's a pity, that there are still so many errors when installing Oralce BI on a Windows 64-Bit system. The last inplace upgrade I did, had a rude stop because the coreapplication was not startable (a different opmn problem). A new installation didn't work because of a problem while creating "AInstance".

Too much strange situations.