Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OBIEE ODI Lineage setup

Copied from my ODI blog:
When setting up a OBIEE ODI Lineage RPD you might get the following error:
ODI-50036: Error creating V_LINEAGE_HIERARCHY Table. Check the logs.
The error might fool you. It means that your (work) repository schema doesn’t have the right to create a view.
Ask your DBA to run the following script:
grant create view to snpm1;
grant create view to snpw1;
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iluzja said...

Hey, I've got a problem with formatting in pivot table. Default, there is light blue background in pivots, I want to change it, but when I have two measures and also data in column and row, I have one light blue rectangulat cell which I cannot format. It is upper left corner. Do you know if it's possible? I'd be grateful for any help.

Here's the link to see the blue cell: