Friday, July 17, 2009

OBIEE If you had a 1000 wishes….

A colleague suggested a new open platform. What would you see changed or enhanced in the next release of OBIEE. (Yes we will be getting a lot of new stuff in 11g, but still you might want more….)

So put your wishes here!

Till Next Time!


gerardnico said...

My two wishes :
1 - A plugin system in BI Presentation Server to be able to enhance the product (As manipulation of the answer/dashboard file before/after saving/displaying it, ...)
2 - Enlarge the scope of the variables (presentation and server) in BI Presentation Server to the session and not only to a dashboard or a page


Anonymous said...

Thanks John for this item,
i was wondering if everybody has the same whishes, or is it just me?

The top of my wishlist:
1) Outerjoin should work properly. Not just in a few limited cases.
2) Using your own chart types
3) A structured way of releasing to production. In the current situation there is a lot of work to be done to bring a repository from development to test, acceptance and production. (A DTAP street)
4) Save an entire dashboard as powerpoint.
5) icons instead of dots in front of the fields in the answers tree so you can see if you are dealing with a character or number field.

But don't forget OBIEE is a great product, I like working with it!

Kind regards,

Rob van Beek

gerardnico said...

I continue the list :
* cross subject area report (in 11g)
* possibility to sort on measures/total in a pivot
* map integration more easy (in 11g also)
* complex nested aggregation in the repository. Example : sum(If sum > 1000 then 1 else 0 end). May be possible with evaluate_aggr
* refresh icon to bypass the query cache and not only the presentation server cache

Good day

For the previous post points, you can have a close look to :
1 : Dimension preservation
3 : Caf

Bob said...

View Briefing books on Mobile phone.

Anonymous said...

-- To have an email link in Dashboards so that users can email reports by click of a button.

When is the new release expected anyway?

Prakash Chainani said...

Proper Documentation for OBIEE and BIP. Lots of bugs in

Anonymous said...

I was just lamenting the fact you can't Create Filters based on Prompts. Basically Drop a Prompt into the filter area and it autopopulates the filter using the Prompts' columns (and autoset the filter to "from Prompt")

Also, make the tables' Row count show up on the page selector ( 0 - 25 of 300) Or make it available in the tables header along with Date run...

And lastly, have a way to pass prompt data between dashboards.

Dale Hotchkiss

Tejas said...

My one wish (for now):
I should be able to perform drill down when using 'combine similar request'.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak English well.

Change the table style is too annoyance.
Drag the mouse to select the cells and modify the style of the selected cell to be changed at the same time asking about the style.

Vishal said...

AGO function in OBIEE has performance concerns. Work Around is combine similar requests for Current and Month Ago Reports. But with combine similar requests we can't navigate to the exact detail that we would like to, we can only navigate to the detail report. We can create the time dimension with Month Ago wid and populate the fact with the same wid and do it like we used to do in Siebel Analytics version but if the requirements are not clear to use month ago or month-2,month-3 etc measures do we have another method, I have read Lag function but it only pulls the previous set of values but when the reports are complex and use multiple pivot table views we should have a better way to report time series instead of combining similar requests and using AGO function.

kart said...

my few wishes are,
1. presentation variable should not get refreshed when using the go url.
2. prompt scope should be increased.
3. expressions should be allowed to be passed as a parameter in go url.
4. wysiwyg dashboard page editing.
5. easy way to save the whole dashboard locally.
6. usage of variables in table column headers.

Anonymous said...

Conditional Formatting Option in Pivot Table View

Krishna said...

My Wishlist:-

1.Able to keep a view within a view.
2.KPI Should be differentiate for multiple dimensions