Thursday, July 9, 2009

OBIEE perfmon (Performance Monitor)

Not many OBIEE administrators know of it’s existence:


Log in as administrator:


Provides some good info on what is going on.

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RNM said...

Hi John,
Useful info, thanks.
Is this the same data available through jconsole?
I've posted a short item on it here:
I'm guessing perfmon will only have acccess to local counters, so if BI server is on a separate server from PS then the metrics won't be available?

cheers, rnm.

John Minkjan said...


I will have to test that next week. Might be the case.



Rajesh Rajan said...

could you please tell how to log these performance monitor counters? and how to check the performance for the history(like what was the performance last week)??

Anonymous said...

@rajesh, try this:

Rajesh Rajan said...

@rnm1978.i will check that and come back to u. thank you very much

Kevin said...

Hi John,

Great information as always. Question for you, what is the retention period for these values (or where is this set)? Active makes sense but Maximum (etc.) is dependent upon the timeframe in reference.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
It's since that component (i.e. BI or PS) was started.
See here for how to capture the information to file: :-)

Kevin said...

Thanks RNM!