Friday, May 14, 2010

OBIEE Open letter to Oracle

Dear OBIEE product manager,

I hope you are doing well. My friends and I are a bit worried because we haven’t heard from you in a while.

You seem to have missed the OBIEE10G fall 2009 and spring 2010 releases. We know you are working hard because there is a steady stream of bug fixes. Still it would be nice if you gave us a sign of your wellbeing every now and then.

How are things going with 10g new brother OBIEE11G?

We have been waiting some time now for it’s release. Yes, we know that you never gave us a delivery date. But we are really really curious of all the new features you promised.

Cool new stuff like working with unbalanced hierarchies and sweet new graphs are really what we need right now.

Please give us a (small) sign that you are doing well.

Best Regards


John Minkjan

p.s.: To my blog followers feel free to co sign this letter.

Update 14-MAY-2010 21:30

Just got of the phone with Matt Bedin, Director - Business Intelligence Product Management at Oracle. All is well :-).

The code is finished and internal beta testing is well on it’s way.

Matt could not give me any release date planning due to strict company rules.

Some of the key features in the first release are:

* Working with hierarchies will be a lot easier, (true OLAP style) you don’t have to drag all levels to the presentation layer anymore. Unbalanced / Ragged hierarchies are supported against most sources.

* Fully documented XUDML, repository updates will be a lot easier to automate.

* A complete overhaul of the graphical engine. (You probably will already have seen the slides…)

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Hi John,

I co-sign gladly.


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Signed, Rich Zapata

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