Saturday, June 7, 2008

OBIEE Directing a user to a default dashboard

One of our customers wanted the OBIEE users after login directed to a default dashboard based on the department they work in. First we created a view containing P_USER, DEPARTMENT and PORTALPATH.

In the variable manager we created an initialization block

We connected this to a session variable called PORTALPATH. This is a OBIEE reserved word so will get a warning, just ignore it.

You need to restart the BI-server and the presentationserver!
Let’s try it:



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11 comments: said...

How will that work when a user changes it's defaul Dashboard from the "My Account" page?

John Minkjan said...

It will work fine, PORTALPATH is dominant over the default setting.

Anonymous said...

Actaully user settings take precedence over PORTALPATH.If user changes the default settings then PORTALPATH has no impact.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, I cannot get the portalpath variable to is the value I have..'/shared/paint+demo/_portal/corporate+finance/'
is there anything wrong? Appreciate your help

John Minkjan said...

Spaces in a portalpath always give trouble... Try a copy and paste form your Explorer.


Sharath said...

Hi John,
Is there a way to direct a user to a specific page on a specific dashboard?


John Minkjan said...

Try adding &Page:

regards John

Francesco said...

It is possible also to specify the page where to go?

Francesco said...

I've tried the last suggestion but it seems that it doesn't work

John Minkjan said...

An other trick is create a new dashboard page. put a text box on it with:
{meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url="} (relace the the {}



Anonymous said...

With me, it does not work. It does not understand (': USER'). When I test
select (':USER')
it returns me :USER
and not 'Administrator'