Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OBIEE "Private" output type for a chart

Sometimes you want the OBIEE chart in a higher graphical definition. This can be done by altering the instanceconfig.xml. Problem with this is that this will change the setting for the whole presentation server.

At one of our customers we had the need only to change this for the scatter chart and leave the rest on default (Flash)

This is how we did it:

Warning: Remember PNG and JPEG graphical types are not down drillable!

Step 1: Altering imagetypes.cxml

First locate your Chart support directory, usually found in …OracleBI\web\app\res\s_oracle10\chartsupport

Make a copy of “imagetypes.cxml” in the same directory, give it a name which refers to the chart type you want to use (eg: “imagetypesScatter.cxml” )

Open the renamed file (e.g. with Notepad):

Changed preferred to the image type you want (e.g.: “png”)

! Save the file

Step 2: Altering charttype.cxml

Now locate the charts directory usually found ….\OracleBI\web\app\res\s_oracle10\charts

Open the .CXML file for the chart type (e.g.: “scatter.cxml”)

Alter the
{?xml:namespace prefix = xi /}{xi:include parse="xml" href="fmap://chartSupport/imagetypes.cxml"}{/xi:include}{?xml:namespace prefix = xi /}{xi:include parse="xml" href="fmap://chartSupport/imagetypes.cxml"}{/xi:include}

(of course use the correct tag sign)

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