Thursday, July 24, 2008

OBIEE Migration discover to OBIEE

Had a good demo this evening on the new migration tool for discover to OBIEE from the people at Oracle PTS. Looks very promising!

They also solved the discover multi join path nicely!

The conversion of workbooks still under development.

The migration tool is planed to be in

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Daryl said...

John - can you provide some detail on how they handle the Discoverer multi-join problem?

We (Noetix) have a product that automatically generates OBI EE models (RPD files) and are tackling the same issue.

John Minkjan said...

Hi Daryl,

What they basically did was to create an alias for the table on each join path. In the business model they each get there on dimension. In the presentation you can bring them together if needed. For more info you can contact your local PTS representative. (or wait a couple of weeks for the release of 10.3.4)

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

Hi John, do you mean that version has the migration tool with it? I really need it right now for a POC asap.


John Minkjan said...

Yes it's in look for the documentation in ...\OracleBI\server\document