Saturday, July 26, 2008

OBIEE Number of default values in a multiselect prompt

Q: There seems to be a maximum to the number of default values on a multiselect control prompt, can we set this to 5000?

A: Yes, the default is 255, but why the hell you want to do that? Big chance that you run into trouble with the "in" statement OBIEE will create from this prompt!

Anyway, this is how you do it:
Add / modify the following in your instanceconfig.xml:

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Hari K V said...

Well, in cluase in some databases like oracle have a limit on how many literals can be used in an "in" clause. I think that number is 1000. In such a case, even if you specify 5000 here, it does not work.

I cant guess any workarounds for this.

John Minkjan said...


If you have a report like that you might consider a subreport for thet filter.

regards John