Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OBIEE Preventing Auto-Previewing of Results in Answers

If you are creating a new request it can be a pain in the ... wenn every time you add a column the whole query is exectued. Especially if you are working on a pivot view. This can be switched of by default (except for the tableview)
Yes, it's in the manual, Yes, there is a typo in the example......

Oracle Business Intelligence displays the results of the request when editing most views within Answers. If you prefer that the user explicitly ask to view
the results, you can create an XML message that specifies that auto-preview
should be disabled when new views are created. The user can still click the display results link to view the results when editing a view.

Here is my example.

In your customMessage Folder make a new XML entry called "PreventAutoPreview.XML" (or any other name you fancy). This folder is ussaly found under ..\OracleBI\web\msgdb\customMessages.

Add the following XML in the message:

! Save the file and restart the presentation server.

Now all the autopreview is switched off:

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