Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OBIEE Back One Page

Found an intresting one on the OTN forum today:

You can make your own "Go Back One Page" button by adding a textpart to your dashboard section:

{input type="button" value="Go Back One Page" onclick="history.back();"}
For a clear button have look here:
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Jack said...

Hello John,
I really wonder that OBIEE doesnt have the proper navigation process when we back track to our previous pages.

I have created the back button using that HTML code but I have a issue with it

My Issue is:
In my Home Page I have a report with navigations to different pages and also some dashboard prompts on top.
Now I selected some prompts and hit go and then I navigated to a different page by clicking on some values in that report.
Now Im coming back to my Home Page by clicking on the BACK button which we created.
Now I dont see my propmts which I selected previously, I see the default report.

I know you gave me suggestion to use presentation variables but Im not sure how to use it.

So is there anyway that I can save these selected prompts when I come back to my home page.


Manohar Singh Rana said...

Thanks John.

I changed the scope of the prompt from page to Dashboard and it works.


Manohar Rana

Anonymous said...


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