Sunday, August 17, 2008

OBIEE Hidding dashboard sections

When you make a dashboard you don't want to show the same reports to each (group of) user (s). To accomplish this there are two strategies: Create a unique dashboard for each group, which can be very labor and maintenance intensive.
Or you can make parts of the dashboard visible based on the group the user belong to.
First we have to make a report that will return at least a row if a user belongs to a specific group and no rows if the user isn't a member.

The valueof(NQ_SESSION.GROUP) returns a string with all the groups the user belongs to. Using the the POSITION function we can determine if a certain group is in the string:
POSITION('Administrators' in valueof (NQ_SESSION.GROUP) )
If the value is greater then 0 then it's in the string.

Now we add this formula to the filter:

Next goto the guided navigation dashboard section you want to toggle:
Select Reference Source Request, the selection report and how it should react.
The section is now only visible if a user is a member of the Administrators group.

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