Thursday, January 1, 2009

OBIEE and Wiki

One of the recent trends is to create a project wiki when a project starts and keep all documentation, tips and tricks in there from day one. For our projects we always use XWIKI (

It's simple to set up, you can use it within an OAS or OC4J but also standalone.

But with all Wiki's, Blogs or any other form of documentation, if it's not maintained / up to date people won't use it .....

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GNico said...

Yes, I agree. Wiki is a great tool for a good communication in a project.

You can find the installation documentation of this java wiki

It's also possible to use OC4J with php but it's not recommended.
I have write
some notes on this subject.

If you want to use php Wiki (as the great DokuWiki), you must use Oracle HTPP Server (Apache) as front end.