Thursday, January 8, 2009

OBIEE Sample Sales

Found some good documentation from Oracle on the new Sample Sales repository in OBIEE:

Be aware that it is referencing the extended samples sales (not in the normal OBIEE download) which can be found here:

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ramiro kollmannsperger said...

Hi John,

Thanks for these Links, i found the Documentation very useful.

I deployed the new repository alongside with my own test repository and Sales History to compare, and generated the metadata as shown in the docu.

Now i still have some open questions on the approach taken in the Business Layer regarding naming and design.

Would you know where i can find further reading for this?
Im looking for Best Practice approaches for BMM Design.
(initial googling for sample sales took me to your link in the first place).

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

These links are out of date, and no longer point to where they were designed to

Anonymous said...


Siebel Demo sample database for siebel contains the schema SUPPLIER2
with the tables

do you know how I can build these sample tables & populate them?

Or Copy them?

Anonymous said...

I am new to OBIEE.. I have some pdf books on OBIEE.. I would like to learn OBIEE.. All the practise books are referencing to SUPLLIER2 schema and tables... I googled alot for it.. where I can I download those schema tables and data.. could you please help me..?

సుభాష్ చంద్ర said...

I too in same boat.. Please let me know if you find this supplier2.dmp or schema.

sistemasisrael said...

I need to the Same.. Did yo get the Supplier2 Schema? if you did. please sent to my mail: I need it.

Thanks you!