Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OBIEE backslash in dashboard page name

We had this strange error the other night, a report with a report prompt placed on a dashboard came back with the logon screen every time the prompt was used more than once.
After some hours of hard core hacking we found that is was caused by a backslash “\” in the dashboard page title “revenue \ week”. Seems that under certain conditions this screws up the internal search for an open db connection. It seems to be occurring only with the combination report prompt and “\” in the dashboard title and certain connection pool configurations.
The solution: don’t use backslashes in your dashboard page title when using a report with a report prompt.
It’s a good thing to implement as standard policy to, the backslash is often an escape character within OBI EE.

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Bryan said...

Stay away from back slashes!! They cause sever problems in catalog manager. It makes it virtually impossible to move reports around when they have back slashes in the title.