Friday, June 19, 2009

OBIEE Remote Admintool login problems

A colleague had a weird problem, he was trying to logon  with the admintool to a remote BI server over the ODBC connection.




The credentials were ok, so the problem must be something else.

Checking the ODBC manager revealed that he was using a ODBC with a space in the name “Server 01”


A close look a the connection selection screen of the admin tool revealed that OBIEE “translated” the space to an underscore:


Seems you can’t use space in the ODBC connection, use underscores instead.

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Siddhartha said...


The "translation" feature exists in the GO URL facility as well. When I tried to execute a custom button with a GO URL that calls an answer code with multiple string arguments containing spaces, they matched even the results that has "underscore" in stead of spaces in the database. I tried to replicate the reverse behavior and was able to replicate this only once. For some reason, this did not work for the second time. The button was created as a result of custom HTML code in the narration view in a complex view.