Thursday, June 11, 2009

OBIEE New portal banner

One of our customers wanted a new portal banner with there own logo:

After adding there logo to the banner we ran into the problem that there was a lot of space wasted because the logo was much smaller the the original Oracle one.

Turns out that there is an "opaque" hidden image controlling the "push" to the right. This controled by: {s_name}\portal\portallogo.gif. If you resize the width of this image you can get a much smaller "gap":

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eejimkos said...

i created my own picture and i named it portallogo.gif
Unfortuantely,the background image
are still there.
how can i only see the companies name without any other information??

John Minkjan said...

Portallogo is NOT the image you see on the portal. bg_banner.jpg is. Portallogo only provides the shift.


RV said...

One Question John, I have 4 portallogo.gif, which to alter?

John Minkjan said...


You need to use one belonging to the SKIN/STYLE you are using. default it's the one in the _ORACLE10 directory or your persenalo SKIN/STYLE. Have a look here on ho to create a personal SKIN/STYLE:



John Minkjan said...

Also if you are using OC4J as your webserver remember sync the files.


Annuity said...

Lot of people is getting valuable information from this post. Thanks for post.

Nani said...

Hi experts/John,

i had a requirement to change the Name of the OUT OF BOX dashboard.
i tried to do going to Administration > Manage Presentation catalog > folder(Sales) > DashboardSubfolders (Organization Sales) > Pages/Reports
i can see the Organization Sales as title of the Dashboard in BI Dashboards.
but when i change the subfolder/Dashboard Name in Presentation catalogs, that is not reflected in BI Dashboards
one of doing this, Creating a New dashboard with the Name we wanted and copying all the reports and pages to the dashboard.
wanted to know if there is a better way or efficient way to do this? i tried googling and searched Oracle forums and did not find any?
Please support.

i tried to change the Color of the Dashboard Prompt and did not find a clue in EDIT Dashboards or on Answers to customize the Size and Color of the Dashboords Prompts Box. I tried looking at code in OBI/OC4J_BI/J2EE FOLDER. but did not find a code
so is there any way to do this please. by default, when i create a dashboard Prompt, it is created in White Color and Medium box.

Thank you

hussain said...

i have placed the portallogo.gif in the appropriate folder , s_oracle10 , as i m using this style , but still not showing , any reasons?

John Minkjan said...


which websesrver are you using?