Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OBIEE get the previous row

Thought I had it on the blog, but couldn’t find it….. Q&D way of getting a value of the previous row:

Use MSUM (MovingSum)

MSUM("F1 Revenue"."1-01 Revenue (Sum All)",2) - "F1 Revenue"."1-01 Revenue (Sum All)"


(Yeah I know there better ways :-) )

Till Next Time

Stijn found the original post on this subject:


Stijn said...

Hi John,

I think this is the one you mean:


John Minkjan said...

Thanks Stijn,

I really need to tag stuff better .... ;-)


Anonymous said...

My wish list:
1. Interaction on the calculated value in Pivot View
2. Interaction on the column header in pivot view
3. Carry the prompted values across Dashboard pages
4. Format measure values in Table view to work independently for each column

Please help me if these features are already available in current version. Thanks!