Saturday, July 11, 2009

OBIEE New Sample Sales Analysis v 1.3

The RPD and WebCat can be found


It has same nice statistics demos!

Till Next Time!


RNM said...

I had to update the static variable BI_EE_HOME, by default it was D:\OracleBI.

Is that my installation, or part of the distributed RPD?

John Minkjan said...


It's part of the distribution. The BI_EE_HOME is normally set during installation.



kamil936 said...

Can we have dashboard pages in two rows on Dashboard if yes please let me know

Mindaugas said...

Thanks! It helped me to find where BI_EE_HOME is stored in repository.

ramiro kollmannsperger said...

Thanks, it went smooth, and the samples seem to be OK mostly, but in some cases, i get some ODBC errors, and in other cases, it just seems to be unable to find its own rep files:

Path not found (/shared/Sample Sales/_portal/03 Data Distribution/Distribution)

(OBIEE Home is set allright)

Do you know if they are going to update the BI Sample App content guide PDF that you posted?


chang said...

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Naga Shankar said...

Hi John , i am a great fan of you . i was following your blog when i started practiicng obiee.

you need to help me to understand the below things.

->where should i extract the ?
-> what are the changes i need to do in NQSCONFIG.ini ?
-> how should i give the connection pool details to samplesales.rpd as it schema is not present in my database(ORCL) ?
-> in presentation services , i am always heading to paint.rpd data even if i configure nqsconfig with other rpd's ?