Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OBIEE Navigating from report to report

On the forums every so often you see the question: “I want to navigate from report A to report B and pass the value where the user clicks as filter” . This is actually quite simple in OBIEE. Let’s start with a simple  base report showing a list of available markets:


Next create a target report containing markets and revenue:


Next go back to your base report and open the column properties screen for your “Market” column:


Set the navigation target:


If you now test the report you will see that the clicked value isn’t passed as filter


This is because the report isn’t let “filter” aware. Go to your target report and set a filter on the “Market” column of the type is prompted.


If you now test it again, you will see the filter value is passed:


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TW said...

Thanks for your post. How can you clear the filter from the 2nd report, if needed?

John Minkjan said...


add a link to an "unfilterd"report from a tekst box.


B said...

Well our case is a bit similar but not exactly same and I could not find a better way to do it. Let me give the example.

Report A has two columns

Area Revenue
A1 1,000
A2 3,000
Total 4,000

Now what client wants is to drill on Revenue and show individual Sales Managers revenue

so drill report for A1 will look like

SM Revenue
SM1 999
SM2 1
Total 1,000

I found a long and winded way of creating individual reports with the required dimensions to restrict it. I was owndering if there is a better way.

John Minkjan said...


You could set up a prefferred drill path in the RPD.



Ritesh said...

Hi John,

This works pefectly fine where we want the value of column we are navigating thru.
In case I want to get more than one value from first report is there any better way? I have read you post about passing values using GO URL and embedding other columns as argument. I have not found any better solution than that yet.

John Minkjan said...


Why doesn't GO URL work for you?


Anonymous said...


After reading your post on the Navigating from report to report. I have a few questions and hoping to get some answers.

Will this nvaigate work for base report if the target report has report date periord prompt for user to enter report date? If not, how can I link base/target reports.
I was thinking I can create base report as a summary report that could link to Target report which will give details. However, the target report is setup to have date prompts so that users can run the report using report date prompt.

Seiko said...

Is there a way to use different filters in one Answers query?
For example, I want to place two tables onto Compound layout view. The first table is prepared using one filter, and the second - using another filter.

PS. I know that I can use two different queries with different filters and then put them to a dashboard. But it's not what I want - I want to put two different tables onto same table (just like a join from different tables in sql).

Loki said...

it's ok, but what if source report contains "union" and I need to navigate from pivot table? In this case value is not passed to target report. Is there any explanation of this?

Anonymous said...

How do you navigate on a summary cost to a detail cost in another Subject Area with different column names? - Thanks for any help...