Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OBIEE ResultRowLimit

I still wonder why people want to do it: A report with more than 65000 rows, but still….
You can override the maximum number of rows that can appear in a Table view by modifying the Oracle BI Presentation Services configuration file (instanceconfig.xml) to add the following entry.



The internal default is 65000. If the user exceeds this value, the server returns an error message when the table view is rendered.

NOTE: This entry applies to the Table view, not the Pivot Table view.
The ResultRowLimit entry controls the maximum value that can be set for the DefaultRowsDisplayed, DefaultRowsDisplayedInDelivery, and the DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload (fi download to Excel) entries.

To set DefaultRowsDisplayed, DefaultRowsDisplayedInDelivery, or DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownload to a value that exceeds the current value of ResultRowLimit, you also must increase the value of ResultRowLimit to equal or exceed the value that you want to set.

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Sean said...

If a certain request currently retrieves 100k records, does a change to limit the rows on a table to 5000 in the instance config file affect the performance of the issued database query in any way?

John Minkjan said...

Sadly no, this is a restriction on presentation not on retrieval.



Siddhartha said...

John, does this work for tables only or also in pivot tables?

John Minkjan said...


partly, check out:



OracleNutShell said...

Is there any pagination option between oracle BI server and oracle DB ?

Anonymous said...

Is this limit only for display or to the allowable input records from the database? If its allowable input records then it makes sense to have it more than 65k even could be 300k. May be you want to perform some calculations at detailed grain, and you don't want to put it to ETL since its not very much used.