Saturday, May 22, 2010

OBIEE Brighton 2010

Our dad presented at Brighton 2010, and all he brought back where shirts the size of our nightgowns:


He also brought back a ton of ideas he will be blogging in the near future.

The main themes of the conference were data modelling within OBIEE and the launch of “the product currently in our labs soon to be released but we won’t tell you when…” (Normal people just call it OBIEE 11g).

It was great to meet Kurt Wolf and hear from the OBIEE’s original father how the basics of OBIEE where thought up (while it was still NQuire).

My complements for people from Oracle: Phil Bates, Mike Durran, Adam Bloom and Craig Stewart for NOT telling us when OBIEE 11g will be general available. (Even under intense pressure of everybody else ;-) )

Some other highlights were:

  • Robin Muffat (aka RNM1978) had brilliant presentation on how you can load test your OBIEE system and get valid results.
  • Emiel van Bockel showed us that his modelling ideas he presented last year actually work.
  • Antony Heljula give us some useful thoughts on how to determine your system requirements realistically.

From all the other presentations you could start to see the integration of the whole BI stack around Oracle’s Fusion Middle Ware package.

All and all it was a nice conference and hopefully by next year we can see the first implementations of OBIEE 11g.

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