Friday, December 19, 2008

OBIEE Google Chrome redux

Google released there first non-beta version of Chrome. Tried it again, it now works fine with OBIEE Dashboards, didn't have any freezes. Still doesn't work right in answer if you have a metadatadictionary configured.



Google Chrome:


Decided to unistall it for the time being.........

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OBIEE Blog said...

I had exactly same experience with Chrome and that left me hugely disappointed. However, I believe, that the problem could also be from a non-compliant legacy JS that Oracle had to keep in order to maintain legacy code (Siebel Analytics). Hopefully, with release 11g, this won't be an issue.
Andriy Yakushyn

Kim-Ming said...

I had the same problem, but not with Chrome. IE 6 had the same problem, after editing the instanceconfig(C:/OracleBIData/ to C:\OracleBIData\) I got it back again.

It could also be because of IE caching issues...

John Minkjan said...


Thanks for sharing!