Monday, December 8, 2008

OBIEE Hidding a section

Sometime you need to hide a section on a dashboard (temporarily)

Go to the "Format Section" part of your dashboard section:


Open the "Custom CSS Style Options

image "

Enable the "Use Custom CSS Style " enter display:none

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Stijn said...

Hi John,
One minor comment on this. There is one thing with css: it doesn't change the HTML, it only affects how the HTML is presented.
This means that although the section isn't visible on the screen, the data in the section is still visible in the source code (HTML) of the page.
So when you want to be really sure that no one is able to see the data in the section, I would recommend to use guided navigation instead.


Anonymous said...

How to hide dashboard "My Dashabord" for all user. Please give some suggestions. Thank you.

Andreas Nobbmann said...

Hi John,

just one comment on this:
when hiding multiple dashboards with this display:none (for example in a menu structure) I had once the effect that the dashboards not displayed caused a little breach between the menu-title and the first dashboard to display.

The only thing you can do then is to move the dashboard to display right after your menu-section.

So long and best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi John

Thanks for sharing this info.
We used this concept to solve one of our requirement. I have blogged my experience here

The Team