Saturday, December 6, 2008

OBIEE using timeline graphs in pivot views

Consider the following data:


If we put this in a timeline graph we get:


One of our customers wanted to use the graph from a pivot view to create an individual graph for each machine.

One problem.... Oracle forgot to make it available for the pivot view, it's not in the graph select dropdown list:


My colleague Rob van Beek found a workaround. Go to the advanced tab of the report:


In the Request XML look for the "pivotTableView" part.


Change the saw:template tid to :

<saw:template tid="charts/linetime.cxml"

Press the set XML button:image , go to the pivot view:

You will get a warning like this:


This is because the pivot view template doesn't know timeline graphs. If you really want you can probably hack OBIEE to suppress the warning, but I would just leave it like this.

Press OK to ignore the warning.

In your Compound lay-out you can see the results:


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This article was originally written for the Ciber knowledge blog:

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