Saturday, February 27, 2010

OBIEE Presentation Server Always Refresh

If you have a separate development presentation server, you can use the developersprompt: ( for bypassing the BI servercache. If you always want to bypass the Presentation server cache add this to the instanceconfig file of the development presentation server:


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David Andersen said...

John, any idea how this parameter differs from these:




David Andersen said...

Here are the instanceconfig.xml parms I mean:

CacheMaxExpireMinutes -1 /CacheMaxExpireMinutes

CacheMinExpireMinutes -1 /CacheMinExpireMinutes

CacheMinUserExpireMinutes -1 /CacheMinUserExpireMinutes

Priyanka said...

Hi John,

I have particular requirement as per that I have to writeback using a particular report and it shud bypass the cache.I can not write the tag in instance config as this setting is for particular report and checking the bypass presntation service cache inserts the multiple records in database.

Please suggest how shall I deal with this kind of scenario.