Thursday, August 5, 2010

OBIEE OBI-SE the forgotten forum?

If you are into answering OTN questions, have a look at the OBI-SE forum every now and then:

please don’t let me be the only one:

image  ;-)

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varikuti said...

Hi john
I am unaware of
1.bypass oracle bi presentation services cache in advance tab of criteria?
2.what is proxy user?
3.diff b/w LDAP and external table authentication?


Shiv said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the post. I actually had a design question.
One of my reports (with 20 cols) consists of multiple rows with repeated customer names (about 100 distinct customer names and approx total 5000 rows). We wanted to automatically filter out the report on customer names and send the filtered reports to the respective customers. So these 100 customers will receive their own 50 rows. We were wondering how we should go about doing this. We thought of maybe using a) iBots or b) GO URL with dummy dashboard. I was wondering if you have tackled this kind of issue before and can recommend high level design steps that will be required.